What’s your paradise?

Fruits of Jannah is inspired from the fruits of paradise described in the holy scriptures. A Taste of Paradise, how the fruits grow, how they are presented, their look and how they taste.

With this is mind, we produced our latest campaign #WhatsYourParadise

The ‘taste’ of paradise is different for every human being, after discussions with close friends, family and beyond on ‘What’s your paradise?’…it helped us to realise how everybody has a different path in life that leads to their own personal paradise.

When we say PARADISE, what is the first thought that pops into your mind?

Some people will talk about the white sand, the clear skies and blue sea water and how peacefulness brings them their paradise…this is a clear favourite.

If you Google ‘Paradise’, a YouTube video of George Ezra pops up…we can only guess that this is his paradise. His success after following his dreams in music.

Being successful and achieving life goals was the answer of another friend, the success which ‘should’ lead to a freer lifestyle to enjoy more time with her family.

“My childhood home, where times were much simpler” A surprising answer to listen to but more real and relatable when you truly think about it.

So why not ask this same question to your friends and family and it will reveal their true happy place to be.

“What’s your paradise?”

Fruits of Jannah, our soft drink that has been a huge favourite with some of the people we have supported during the covid-19 pandemic including Sparkhill Foodbank, JW Care Group Birmingham, Green Lane Mosque and Royal Stoke University Hospital, will soon be available from the Fruits of Jannah website and our distributors including retail stores and restaurants. The combination of the fruits of paradise including pomegranate, grapes and banana create such natural flavours and juices that will leave your mouth-watering.

Click here to read more about the support we have provided during covid-19.

You can also get the latest about our new soft drink and its launch by visiting our social media pages, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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