The benefits to having your vitamins daily

Fruits of Jannah is a brand-new soft drink launching in the UK. Already partnering with The British Soft Drinks Association and Food and Drink Directory & Review Platform Find it. Score it. Soft drink company, Fruits of Jannah are ready to disrupt the market with their immensely tasty drink full of flavour.

Fruits of Jannah is inspired from the fruits of paradise described in the holy scriptures.

This British manufactured soft drink is not only presented in a luxury, slim tall can perfect for restaurants to serve to their guests, but also to businesses with huge amounts of footfall with meal deal offerings and grab-and-go chill decks.

What does Fruits of Jannah offer to your customers?

Health beneficial products are a huge player during this time, due to the amount of people who have been reassessing their health and exercise regime during the UK lockdown. announced that 20 percent of people overall are eating healthier that before.

Fruits of Jannah provides vitamin A, C, E and D. So how do these vitamins contribute to our overall health?

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble compound hugely important for human health.
Vitamin A supports your immune system and organs to function normally, helps to maintain health vision and also supports towards the development of babies in the womb, so it is recommended to have adequate amounts of vitamin A to create healthy development of babies during pregnancy.

Some of our favourite foods rich in vitamin A are salmon, sweet potato and feta cheese.

Vitamin C is the next vitamin that Fruits of Jannah provides, did you know your body doesn’t produce any vitamin C? It is commonly found in fruits so of course; Fruits of Jannah is a great contribution to your daily intake.

Vitamin C helps to strengthen your body’s natural defences…so that’s why mums hand out orange at half time?!

It also supports to manage high blood pressure, prevent heart disease, and iron deficiency and boosts immunity. As dementia affects over 35 million people worldwide, you need to be able to maintain a healthy memory as you age. Vitamin C can help!

Some of our favourite fruits rich in vitamin C are oranges, peppers, and broccoli.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant and helps to prevent your cells from damage and is a vitamin to be considered by people with higher environmental or lifestyle risk factors including cigarette smoking, exposure to air pollution and ultraviolet rays from sunlight. Consider your home and working environment to see if you should be more aware of our vitamin E levels.

Vitamin D helps to fight disease, depression and can boost weight loss. You should be aware of the effects that vitamin D deficiency can cause including aches, tiredness, and a general sense of not feeling well. You can get a blood test to find out your body’s levels of vitamin D.

Our favourite sources of vitamin D include salmon, milk, and yogurt.

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