Try Our Mouth Watering Mocktails

Mocktail with Lemon

Relax away with this refreshing summer drink. All you need is to squeeze half a lemon into a glass. Now just sit back and relax and enjoy your refreshing drink.

Mocktail with Strawberry and Mint

For a refreshing mocktail, use 7 mint leafs. Rub between your palms and drop into the glass, and a slices of strawberries, to have that kick. Sit back and enjoy.

Mocktail with Mint

Enjoy this fabulous mocktail of fresh mint. Grab yourself 7 mint leaves and rub them between your palms and drop them into a glass of Fruits of Jannah, stir for 10 seconds and enjoy.

Mocktail with Lemon, Cranberry and Mint

Mind soothing mocktail, of fresh cranberries and slice of lime. This mocktail is great for BBQ and outdoor parties.

Mocktail with Orange

Pure yourself a mocktail of Fruits of Jannah. By slicing a quarter of orange striate into Fruits of Jannah in a glass and enjoy the fusion of the remarkable flavours.

Mocktail with lemon and Blackberries

Try the berry blaster mocktail, full of flavour with lemon citrus kick and blackberries. This mocktail is all you need for a nice bright summer day, to switch off and enjoy the berry blaster fusion.