Ethical How?

We have include or history not to impress you but to IMPRESS UPON you than from the very origin of this company our ethos has been to build a business that is commercially viable and promotes Community, Faith and Hope . 

The below article will evidence we act on our ethos, its part of the business DNA



Nadim Razaq put three years of development into the drink as he wanted a healthy non carbonated drink. He had organised a launch and had key distributors lined up, then Covid happened.

Touched by the NHS fearless response and the support it had provided to his family. He decided that all the initial stock was to go to the NHS, and believing in community activity he ensured it went to the local hospital. This was his total initial stock!

The NHS were appreciative and he ordered a new run of products…… Part 2 below


Nadim then set up a pledge that the business will have a ethical pledge

Our Pledge

Thank you so much for your kind offer – we would love to accept.  We will then distribute these across our hospital sites (Good Hope, Heartlands, Solihull and Queen Elizabeth).

Byron Batten -Head of Customer Engagement NHS Trust

Part 2

So Nadim did his second run and was happy to get the launch going again. He was travelling through Sparkhill and heard what amazing work the food bank was doing for the local community.

He decided there and then that the second batch should go to the food bank. This led to Nadim developing a social pledge that is part of the fabric of the company

He set up a pledge of rules that we will follow in each trading geography

Sparkhill Food Bank

Fruits of Jannah have supported Sparkhill foodbank with hundreds of there soft drinks and much more. Sparkhill Food Bank is one of numerous projects run by Narthex Sparkhill, a registered charity based at The Narthex Centre, St Johns Church, Sparkhill in Birmingham. Their mandate is “encouraging cohesion through education; social action; families, children and young people’s work. But due to COVID19 they have done a fantastic job in supporting the community.

JW Care Group Birmingham

Fruits of Jannah has supported JW Care Home Staff, with their soft drinks. The donation was two the hard working staff, who have without no doubt been working excessively hard, during this difficult time. We here at Fruits of Jannah are providing on going supplies to JW Care Home.

Green Lane mosque

Fruits of Jannah has been supporting, Green lane mosque during the COVID-19 crisis. Fruits of Jannah have provided their soft juice drinks for the local community and vulnerable within the west midlands. Green Lane Mosque are doing a fantastic job, in serving the community and beyond.

Stoke hospital

Fruits of Jannah have donated soft drinks to Stoke hospital for their staff.