At Fruits Of Jannah we are really suportative of new creators on social media. They can be really informative, creative and Community based. We wish to support new creators especially connected with food, health, drinks(non alcoholic) and community projects

We will be running sponsorship, creative workshop and Digital support in the future. Please reach out to us on the Contact us Page


We want to create the next abir.sag

This amazing creator makes dishes from a wide range of nations with full respect to the culture of each country, they are beautifully edited and fun to watch. 

This is why she has 10.8 Million Followers!

At Fruits Of Jannah we want to help community creators especially around food, drink or community actions.

We are aligned with digital agencies, top IT professionals, and entrepreneurs with a can do attitude.

We really look forward to developing this as part of being active in the community

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Do you wants Support to be the next Tik Tok, Instagram Food or Community Creator

Let us know your niche and how you wish to develop within the community. e.g food vlogger

Let us know how we can support you, whether it be with marketing, technical or equipment. We wish to help