Fruits of Jannah was inspired from the fruits of paradise as mentioned in the Holy Scriptures. Based on this “Fruits of Jannah” is here with the extraordinary natural juices and natural flavours of Pomegranate, Grapes and Banana. The natural flavours distinctly explode, the minute you taste these mouth-watering combination of flavours.

You will find that the fruits such as Pomegranate and Grape are mention in the Bible Numbers 13:23, Songs of Songs 4:13 and Leviticus 26:5.

The Torah mentions about Grape and Pomegranate in Deuteronomy 8:8.

The Holy Quran mentioned all three Pomegranate, Grape and Banana in Quran 6:99, 17:91, 23:19, 36:34 and 78:32.